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A True Sandbox MMORPG inspired by Ultima Online

In Garadom Online the player should have many possibilites to find his way in a detailed fantasy world. As a merchant, a fighter, a craftsman, a traitor or whatever he wants to be, he always will be part of one big world. Every choice do not come without a consequence and even the lone wolf can destroy a whole guild ...

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Do not only support us as persons behind a project, support Garadom Online and help us to give it a long living being part of your and our life. It's true, that we need financial help to improve quality and make various things happen, but it's still our hobby and we love what we do - Developing a game for the Community out there. You are our motivation and make a living out of developing Garadom Online is just one big dream for us and not necessary at all.

May compare such things with buying a cheeseburger ...

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